Learning Pitch is an EdTech Startup Aiming to Disrupt the Education Landscape through Innovative Use of Digital Technology.

For the first time in Pakistan, we introduced Learning glass technology, an engaging tool for students to learn from teachers as if they are in the same room. We aim to provide education all over Pakistan, especially for those areas where quality tutoring is not accessible. Our lectures are entirely in Urdu so that the masses can avail them. We have separate Platforms for intermediate, accounting, finance, and O/A levels apprentices in the form of video lectures. Our course rates are reasonable and affordable.

We understand that there exists a wide range of educational environments under which educational institutes operate therefor regardless of whether you are a small or a large educational institute, we are ready to partner up with you.

Education is constantly evolving and to support that evolution in a positive manner we are enriching our content with interactive technology that provides the best possible educational experience for next-generation learning.

Our courses are based on the Amazon cloud hosting platform that allows for a fast and better video streaming experience without any hurdle. At Learning pitch all projects are equipped on the Learning Management System in a way that enables students to play, pause, repeat, and, resume the video lectures whenever they want.


To provide an easy and effective online learning solution to the students and institute alike across Pakistan.

Quality Education

We are continuously enriching content to maximize learning, creating valuable and relatable content for our students so that they not only learn the topics but also learn its everyday practical applications.

Affordable Price

Price should never be a barrier to quality education. With this philosophy, learning pitch is building online learning platforms that are affordable for the students regardless of their background.


Distance should never be a barrier to quality education. Through our online learning platforms, students can learn anywhere at anytime. We develop self-paced recorded lectures.


The demand for better quality education has now transcended in every possible way, and this demand is now being met by multiple E-learning platform that are teaching millions of students across the world. All this is supported by a fast-developing internet technology. Using EdTech as a pillar for future educational projects is an immediate reality. Learning Pitch has realized this and have presented their own Edtech solutions in form of TSB Education, Myinteracademy and Ecademus, all of which are operating to provide academic knowledge at an international standard.

In Pakistan, we have proved that such ventures can work since we are teaching thousands of students across this country. Therefore, we are now offering our services to individuals and organizations that are willing to tap into this online ecosystem and make the most out of their innovative ideas.