Our methodology is simple. We promote self-paced learning through fun and engaging lectures that can be available anywhere, anytime.

Learning at own pace

Our students take online classes that are accessible remotely. Our learning management system: Edbox is accessible 24/7, which students can use to play, pause, and repeat lectures. This helps them fully grasp the concept of learning.


We turn important and difficult concepts into simulations, that help students quickly and entertainingly grasp new concepts. We equip all our lectures with fun and engaging simulations strengthening the foundation of conceptual learning for the students.

Live webinars

Live webinars add great value to student learning. Teachers do live sessions with students and help them solve difficult tasks. Students interact directly with instructors and ask them questions.


Through the injection of new technology, qualified teachers, and new innovative methods of studying, Learning Pitch is redefining the way you learn by making your studies more effective, fun, and engaging.