A Learning Platform for Intermediate Students.

MyInterAcademy is an online learning platform related to intermediate studies. This platform is entirely online, with 2000+ hours of bilingual recorded lectures laden with Animations, Simulations, and Gamification. It is seriously a fun experience for students watching these videos to learn new concepts without falling into rote learning.


A Learning Platform for Professional Accountancy Studies

The School of Business Education aims to provide students of CA, ACCA, ICMA, and other accountancy bodies with a top-class quality education from leading educators of Pakistan. TSB is not just about online lectures uploaded on LMS (Learning Management System) but a complete online academic resource. Students’ enrolled in these courses are academically challenged through online assessments, practice question banks, mock exam papers, frequent live webinar sessions for proper resolution of their queries, etc. Online lectures include a detailed discussion of topics, practical solutions, and comprehensive past paper coverage for practice.


Through the injection of new technology, qualified teachers, and new innovative methods of studying, Learning Pitch redefines the way you learn by making your studies more effective, fun, and engaging.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the services of MyInterAcademy. They told me that they will provide complete coaching centre experience at half the price, and I get to study at any place at any time! This is truly great. One thing that I like the best is that teachers are highly qualified and they always have the right and appropriate answer. They are also open-minded and they will go to great lengths to solve the problems of their students. It has been a truly fabulous learning experience. ” 

Wajahat Majeed

“Highly recommendable for CFAP 6, Badami Sb has exceptional teaching skills and has an ability to instill clarification of core auditing concepts. I was left with Advance Audit to qualify, and TSB helped me to achieve the milestone of CA in very first attempt.”

Ihsan Baig