Lectures Recording & Editing

We have a fully equipped studio facility where a teacher can record lectures for long hours. Our studio facility is available 24/7, which can be booked on a priority basis. After recording the lectures, we have an expert team of video editors who professionally edit video lectures and fix issues related to the voice & video quality.

Multimedia & Animation

Animation design is another aspect of our services, making us stand apart from other online educational institutes. Our online lectures are fun and engaging. We have a professional team of animators and multimedia experts that create animated video lectures. This ensures that the students remain focused and engaged with the material being taught.

Educational Games Development

Today is the age of educational gaming. And so, we develop educational games that make learning more fun. We have people in the house who continuously work on developing educational games. These games are part of the courses we offer. There is also a separate application that has all these games just for our students.

Learning Management System(LMS)

Once lecture recording, editing, and animations are completed, final lectures are delivered through our state-of-the-art Learning Management System. We have the expertise to deploy and manage LMS, where students can access and study online remotely using an internet-enabled device.


Through the injection of new technology, qualified teachers, and innovative methods of studying, Learning Pitch redefines the way you learn by making your studies more effective, fun, and engaging.